Are Europeans not that smart?

Everyone always says that Americans are not that smart but Americans are just Europeans so does that mean that Europeans are also not that smart? I mean I've talked to people from supposedly advanced countries like Sweden, Austria, Germany and they didn't seem all that different from white Americans in their way of thinking? Also if we look at most European cities they're basically just medieval villages built around a church? I mean it's clear Europeans were just religious village people and not necessarily advanced people for the most part?
Are Europeans not that smart?
I mean I appreciate Europe for beautiful women with traditional values but it seems like the rest of the continent is highly overrated? I mean just looking at their countries and cities it seems their values are just so stuck in the past it's pitiful?
Yup Europe is cute but there's no like major civilizations there. People are pretty simple minded.
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Europe is WAY more civilized and intelligent than Americans or other countries! How dare you!
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I am sorry if I offended anyone I agree that there are a lot of very dumb Americans too and that there is a spectrum of smart and stupid anywhere you go in this world.
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Of course individual Americans are stupid that I can agree but the US as a whole is more advanced, forward-facing, and unified than Europe as whole at least that is my impression. Cause Europe is just so divided within itself and focused more preserving traditions rather than coming up with new ideas so that's simply what I mean. Of course I still think individual Europeans are smart compared to individual Americans but I'm just thinking about the continents as a whole. Hope I don't offend thank
Are Europeans not that smart?
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