What would you do to help the less fortunate (temporarily)?

The reality for too many people and I suspect, more coming with rising costs of housing and food. Governments are pushing inflation...
What would you do to help the less fortunate (temporarily)?
So the people can choose to help... thus I'm envisioning an app for that! You can select a person who needs help, track their progress and be confident your investment is going towards helping them. Meet a homeless person. log them in the system, provide resources and track their progress til out of the "system". Short term commitments a month to a year. The intent is to get someone temporary aide so they aren't on the street or starving. To reduce impact to children and reduce social risks of poverty.

Concept already exists in the sponsoring of orphan or poor children. The same could be done for homeless or those who need temporary assistance. Child International, etc..

Assume some controls or feedback on what they can spend on so wast is minimized. Also assume this is considered short term assistance to give them shelter, food, transportation, or medical attention so they can get back to work and care for themselves.

My experience with government is... it distributes poorly, and uncaringly. It also is corrupt and ignores the plight of many. It may be ok for severe cases where someone is never going to be able to work
I'd sponsor a poor person
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I am poor and I'd appreciate such help, and would pay the program back
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I'm poor and I'd appreciate such help, as long as it's free
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I'd provide housing at my own residence if I trusted them
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Governments job, not mine
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What would you do to help the less fortunate (temporarily)?
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