Will Covid "Magically" go away in 12 hours like we were told?

White House Coronavirus Adviser Warns Of ‘Deadly Phase’ As Trump Downplays Risks: Report

Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, urged the Trump administration in an internal memo to take “much more aggressive action” to tackle COVID-19, The Washington Post reported.
“We are entering the most concerning and most deadly phase of this pandemic … leading to increasing mortality,” Birx wrote Monday in a report for top White House officials, according to the Post. “This is not about lockdowns — It hasn’t been about lockdowns since March or April. It’s about an aggressive balanced approach that is not being implemented.”

but.. but.. but...
Eric Trump Claims COVID-19 Will ‘Magically’ Vanish After Election Day

Taking a page from his dad’s playbook, Eric Trump insisted in an interview Saturday that COVID-19 will “magically” disappear — after Election Day.

Donald Trump’s son has been heavily criticised after claiming COVID-19 will “magically disappear” after the US presidential election.

During an interview with Fox News, Eric Trump claimed the pandemic was being used as an excuse to disrupt his father’s re-election bid, labelling it as a “cognisant strategy” being used by the president’s critics.

The presidential election has been set for November 3, with the younger Trump claiming the virus is going to be used against his father to stop him holding political rallies.
Will Covid Magically go away in 12 hours like we were told?
tick.. tick.. tick... You dont wanna look like a bigger douche than you already are..
22 d
tic-toc, tic-toc mother... Covid is still here.. and its not magically disappeared.. no corner turned... no fart in the wind...
21 d
It's the 4th. Election Day is Over.. AND PEOPLE ARE STILL DYING FROM COVID!
Will Covid "Magically" go away in 12 hours like we were told?
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