Does our vote really matter?

I absolutely hate election time because people become extremely ignorant, fake activists and bigots so I steer clear of any talk about politics. And it’s not that I don’t want change but I really do feel like regardless of what Americans say, do or who we vote for it really doesn’t matter because ultimately the new decisions, laws etc still lie in the hands of the government which contain a bunch of old self serving raisins who only care about money, control and power.. Right wing, left wing it’s still on the same bird. And most of them don’t care about us as a whole they literally just blow wherever the wind blows them.
Just look at how they treat veterans at the VA for example...
I know it’s supposed to be important and people say it does matter but I don’t see in what ways it does. I haven’t voted ever since I was 18 but i’m registered to. I’m very much Green party and just want world peace but nothing any president or political party does will please everyone so what’s the point
Does our vote really matter?
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