Why do we even have a democracy?

I have seen a lot of post on different sites and on the web and stuff about how people are so willing to judge you base off of the little bit of information given. People are no longer giving time and waiting for information rather there just like the brown leaves that flow with the wind. Democracy was about choice, freedom, liberty, peace, the ability to peacefully protest, and to be kind to one another. Yet both sides are tearing into each other like were at war. The eastern part of the U. S. A. is gone. Riots are everywhere, police are no longer able to be trusted apparently, People are getting killed left and right on both sides. I can't trust my government anymore, nor can i trust the people that i thought were my country men/women. What is the world coming to? Why is Biden and trump for that matter even running? The people to me seem confused like, what happen to the country that was not so good but not 100% bad like it is now? I admit like every single country in the world we have our problems, but from what i can see its east/north vs west/south now and for some reason the people are no longer doing what the U. S. A as been doing for years. Fighting as a whole despite our differences.
Why do we even have a democracy?
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