Should me and my friends seek counseling after what we witnessed?

Last week me and some friends were walking to college. As we were walking we saw a little girl being followed off the bus by a young man dressed in all a black track suite with his hud up.

We were the only other people on that street and we were kinda far back from them but we instantly knew something was wrong. I the poor little girl looked so scared and he was literally right behind her as she was walking.

We started walking faster to not attract his attention and followed him around the corner leading to a alleyway.

I won't go into detail into what we all saw out of respect for the little girl but it was extremely traumatising for everyone especially the poor little girl.

After that a switch went off in my head. My friend called the police and took a picture of the mans face. I yelled something like "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING YOU FUCKING DISGUSTING PEDO, GET THE FUCK OFF HER" . I was completely furious, id never wanted to kill someone so much in my life. If i had a knife i would have slit his thoat and strapped him in the heart.

He kept dragging this little girl by her coat hud as she cried and his response was "she's my little sister" i kept following him and i told him "im following you, your not gonna get away with this no matter how much bs you spout" he kept telling me to fuck off.

Eventually he dropped this little girl on the floor and we came running towards her.

As soon as i asked if she was okay, she burst out crying and shaking and said "he just took and... And... He just took me" me and my friends all started to cry too as we were so sad for what just happened to this little girl and scared for her safety. He probably would have killed her if we hadn't followed him.

I just kept holding her and telling her the police were coming as she dug her head into me.
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The poor little girls was so little and skinny, she looked around 10/11 years old. Her tights were all ripped up and she had knees covered in blood and that image of her scared face just gives me flashes in my mind before i go bed.

Im even angry at her parents. She's a child, it's and it's starting to get dark and frosty in the mornings and we live in a very big city full of creeps and her parents thought it was okay for her to get on the bus and walk to school all by herself.

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I just want to know she's okay and this isn't gonna ruin her life. I want her to get help and the justice she deserves. I never got her name but if i could do something to help her life get better again it would also heel me and my friends too. I wish we caught up with him quicker so he couldn't have done what he did to her. I can't even think of that sick evil man who hurt her without wanting to kill him.
Should me and my friends seek counseling after what we witnessed?
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