Will you accept bidens voter fraud win?


The man said it in his own words...

Democrats will accept any kind of victory wether it has to do with violence, cancel culture or cheating.
Do you accept biden if he wins? Will you be able to live with yourself knowing you have a president that will cheat his way to victory?
The very same man that sent tens of thousands of black men to prison for smoking weed and enslaving them free labor while incarcerated?
The same man that supports segregation and calls black people "super predators and beyond the pale"?
The same man that said if your not white, you're poor?
The same man you think he owns your vote because of the color of your skin?
The same man sold million of jobs overseas and let a huge population unemployed and hard to find work under obamas presidency?
that is why we had a recession
If he mastered voter fraud what other tricks could he have under his lying sleeves the past 47 years he was in politics? Do you really think this snake will have the balls to stick up to north korea, russia and other opposing forces?
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Biden supporters are pedophiles

26 d
It's not official until the deceased voters and pet voters are singled out.
Honestly we all seen this coming, it's so obvious and coincidence china and joe orchestrated this entire thing. Democrats would sink so low to kill 230k in the name of winning the presidency
Will you accept bidens voter fraud win?
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