What's the point of Republicans and Democrats?

A few weeks back, doing my schoolwork on a Chromebook provided by the school, I have two subjects that I absolutely despise, but I need them to graduate; American History and American Literature.

I did tell one of my teachers that I wanted to help an author with his/her book if they needed any help when I'm older. In 4th-5th grade, I thought Literature/ELA was my second favorite subject - until I reached high-school.😂

Mainly American History is what I despise. As I was reading these stories of recorded history of the U. S., it seemed that the U. S. has been divided into two parts that is important to every. single. American.
Firstly, I was took side-tracked to look up the differences between Republicans and Democrats (I believe they were Democrats. I do remember reading about Republicans and shit). It was years until this subject informed me about the differences.
One owns land or owns certain properties and owns plots while the other is the opposite. I don't get the point of why the U. S. is literally split into Republicans and Democrats.

Reading all that shit that I never have cared about, it's annoying.
I know I am making C's and B's in those subjects.
What's the point of Republicans and Democrats?
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