Why did you vote for Biden?

If your a democrat, why did you vote for him. Please do not say he was the lesser of two evils. There's no such thing as a good evil, its just evil. Don't say just because you didn't like trump, that's a dumb argument. Yes I am a trump supporter, but sense everyone calls me a coon for not understanding why i shouldn't be one i am asking this question because of that. Yes i have done my research and frankly i still hate both of them.
17 d
Well i have turnt over now, i am for democrat now, it seems a lot of you guys had some very good arguments, thank you for posting on my question and for giving me something to think about
10 d
Starting to regret asking this question, i forget how bitter people can become and how mean a lot humanity are. Welp everyone have a good day, stay safe and i hope that whatever happens that you find your happiness
Why did you vote for Biden?
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