Would you elect me for president?

My campaign: A balanced and trustworthy election. The removal of mail in voting while making absentee ballots less restrictive and well known. A set budget for every presidential candidate provided by the government and raised through taxes. This reduces lobbying and corruption while promoting an effective use of limited funds... maybe we can get presidents that can save money rather than spend it.

Social and economic strength by promoting a better society starting with the children. Promote the individual to improve the group through curriculum changes including 6 school days a week, language classes in the early years to include multiple fluent languages by high school, the building of a strong work ethic and social standing by requiring club activities every year while in school as well as government and unpaid internships for students to experience the work place early on.

Media and big business had no say in politics and exist to export faces and products. I do not care what Nike think of the current or future presidents all I want are shoes. I would enact laws to prevent businesses from being able to set political views in the public. Also I would force news outlets to classify as new or otherwise based off information released. The news outlets were to biased during the elections and have been a major cause to violence and division by printing stories that have been untrue or unconfirmed. Maybe laws to hold the reporters themselves liable.

I do not fall within traditional republican, democrat, liberal, or conservative classes. I have strong feelings about freedom, abortion, corruption, government, big business, schooling, society, and news and social media’s.

Ask me your questions below and then vote if a president of this nature would be a good candidate.
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17 d
Lmao there goes my platform.
Would you elect me for president?
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