Our masks are useless? ?

every country in the world except 1 is seeing a major spike in covid cases and death except the one everyone loves to hate right now Sweden They are seeing some uptick in cases but not an uptick in deaths which means people are surviving. Britain is getting walloped France is getting walloped Italy is getting walloped Spain is getting wallet and the United States are getting walloped by the virus. What do all these countries have in common they wear masks the only country in the world that’s not masking up is Sweden. Now they do wear mask when there around people over the age of 65 of say a couple who is 32 and 30 wanted to go out for dinner they can do that and they are doing that without wearing masks. So if masks are the thing that’s going to save us why are we seeing a major uptick in death except sweden they had 6,154 deaths total since March 11th why is that? If masks work please explain Sweden
Our masks are useless? ?
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