Do you remember the Gulf War?

This is more of a question for US citizens though much of the world was involved in this war. In America, there is a phenomenon of forgotten wars. One of the wars that most people consider a largely forgotten war is the Korean War (1950-1953 ), even though a huge amount of people were involved in it. I am just trying to see if the Gulf War is another war overshadowed by the conflicts around it.

I've always known a little about the war because I'm a history nerd. I've been researching it a lot recently because I watched the film, Jarhead (2005), which is really a great film about a true war experience. I highly recommend it.
Do you remember the Gulf War?
Do you remember the Gulf War?
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I vaguely remember it.
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No, I do not remember it.
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Do you remember the Gulf War?
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