Was this guy wrong for this?

Issac and Dustin are both 21. When they were younger, Issac used to bully Dustin for being gay. Issac started a rumor that Dustin sexually assulted him and Dustin was told constantly to kill himself, beat up in the bathroom ( to the point of pissing his pants after a kick to the stomach) groups of boys ganged up on him, and he lost all his friends.

Now that they're adults, Dustin and Issac made up and even had sex a couple times. Dustin starts to develop feelings for Issac and sometimes when Issac is f#cking Dustin, Dustin says I love you. I love you, Issac. Unfortunately, Issac has fallen in love with a different man and sees Dustin as just a friend. He only connected with Dustin because he felt guilty for how he treated him in the past. One night while Issac was putting down the pipe, Issac noticed that Dustin was really into it. After sex, Dustin says can we get married, Isaac? The next day Issac was cold, rude, and forced Dustin to leave early in the morning.
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Was this guy wrong for this?
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