Doesn't it seem like we have two countries and not one USA? Should we divide into two nations?

Obviously these things don't work that easily, but entertaining the thought in mind lol I honestly sometimes think that would be best, if we could somehow magically have the red and blue Americas divide. I understand all this talk of unity, but it's a long way off. When I listen to Trump supporters and Republicans in general across the aisle, our *concepts of reality* aren't even the same. It's not even just about the president. Our brains literally seem to work differently. Science isn't real, evidence doesn't matter, evidence that does matter is fantasy, understanding history and politics don't matter, more religious which leads to different values on some issues... It's a completely different world. And then we look at how ineffective our congress is, partly because of gridlock over our two very different social and fiscal policy preferences and values. I would honestly love it if blue America could function separate from red. The geography is kind of tricky lol but what a fantasy! Leave them to suffer with their shit policies on their own. We could have a thriving working class, protections and care for people, intelligent and evidence-based policies, and actual stand a chance at rising to the quality of life standards and protections that other wealthy nations enjoy. Instead, we have this huge fucking load of baggage embarrassing us on the global stage.

Of course, we would no longer be as wealthy as we are now, but we would take all the major cities with us and would probably have more favorable relationships internationally by far.

And republicans could have the country they want - no guarantee of healthcare protections, capitalism and business unchecked by civil rights and labor standards, a true "completely free to experience all positive and negative" society, no abortion or feminism, etc. There are countries like that all around the world. They could join their ranks.

These are my dreams lol Does anyone else fantasize about this? :')
Doesn't it seem like we have two countries and not one USA? Should we divide into two nations?
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