Do you feel as if we’re on the cusp of civil war?

I think we have to acknowledge the fact that we have several millions of brainwashed Americans who are committing heinous acts against humanity regularly, and having the media, government, and their own society justifying it.

The less intelligent do not realize that they are manipulating us. They are turning us against each other. They exploit good morale, and play on everyone’s emotions. These politicians are keeping you distracted away from some of the biggest power grabs in American history.

I love America, and I try not to think in a pessimistic way, but I think I need to face the reality that this civil/economic unrest and division will not stop anytime soon.

I’m personally ready to stand up for my rights. I will fight back when my civil liberties as an American are taken. I will not comply with a federal lock down. I will not comply with curfew. I will not comply with any politician trying to control who I talk to or see. I will not allow the government to censor me. I will not allow the government to try and take down my corporation. They will not tell me what to do in my own home. I will not allow the IRS to confiscate my assets through unfair taxation without representation. I will fight the IRS and donate all of my wealth to a poverty stricken country before I give it to the hands of them. I will not allow my family and I to be victims of violence due to social extremity.

I’ve been battling this in my head for a while asking these questions to myself thinking if I’d actually fight back. Not violently, but serving as resistance to all of this corruption and unrest. Violence is always last resort. I will accept the consequences of everything I said. I’ve come to terms with that. I feel as someone who loves this country, and even served this country, it’s my obligation tagged along with other Americans to serve as resistance and fight against these politics power grabs that are about to escalate.
Do you feel as if we’re on the cusp of civil war?
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