Will cryptocurrency be a Republican or Democratic push?

Republicans value limited government and freedom. Crypto currencies for the most part are decentralized and cannot be manipulated by government entities.

Democrats value helping the little guy up, and crypto gives the little guy (especially in poverty stricken countries) an opportunity to achieve sustained wealth. The silicone valley (tech Mecca) is pretty much owned by the dems as well.


It’s interesting to see the back n forth from both sides on this. New York Times is now publishing an article on Coinbase- a crypto currency exchange about how racist they are. So it looks like the dems are attacking them. Also, Steve Mnuchin is trying to regulate the hell out of it... so which party will take side of crypto?

It’s the future of money, and whatever party takes favor will benefit greatly in the long-term. They are going to have to accept this, so who will be first?
Will cryptocurrency be a Republican or Democratic push?
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