We’re there any political debates at your Thanksgiving?

How did it go?

So I was swamped with work in the week so I didn’t do my own dinner. My sister had a small thing at her house. Her husbands parents were there. The father in law is a great guy. The mother in law is okay to a point. She’s way too defensive of Trump.

Everyone was drinking but I was the most sober one. Somehow we got into politics and my sister in her drunken stupor said “hey everyone guess her Ashley voted for!”

Immediately her mother in law starts going in “I just want to know why Biden? I’m sorry but Trump is the only viable candidate. I don’t know about you but I like freedom! I like having more jobs, more money on my tax return, and lower gas prices? Why would you not vote for Trump, I just want to know.”

I said, “who said I voted at all?”

She says, “oh you didn’t vote then? Good! DONT vote in South Carolina unless you’re going to vote republican.”

Lmfao ok. So much for freedom. I’ll vote for who I want and you’ll never know it was actually was.
We’re there any political debates at your Thanksgiving?
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