Don't you think that we should be more logical about how to resolve who won, see additional details?

Don't you think the best approach to the election, is to take Georgia, and Pennsylvania, and have everyone for the next 1-3 months, recast their votes, using all the data we have now,...

Make it fair, allow pollwatchers, follow all the rules, do it right this time, and if those 2 states line up to the original results, call it a day? Else.. have all United States recast votes. During this time, someone nuetral, leads the country, let it be the house and senate.

Work through this properly, take the time, extend the deadline, no one is president,
Do this, for us. Get to the truth, where-ever it falls.

In my humblest opinion, if we all chilled, took the time to do that, watch netflix, and have sex, I think that is the best idea. lol. You can't lose. We get the truth.

Because if we dump all the votes, that is like a slap in the face, to people who spent the time to vote, and fill out those ballots. Be it mail in!

Because if we accept all the votes, that is like allowing corruption to rule middle earth,
and no sex for you.

I think we should spend the time, to CHILL, be happy, we control our time? Dont we? And spend it doing a vote, that this time, is.. secure.

For a quick reference, to evidence. The evidence presented, says, our voting system is vulnerable to manipulation. That is what I conclude. It makes no sense to toss ballots, nor keep em. I think its all just spagetti pasta, and I feel, its worth the time, to get it right. Chill. Netflix. You know?

When I say recast, I mean, dump all votes, go in again, vote again, (do the work, take time to do it), go catch a virus! That works, .. just go vote. Again. Except, securely. Barcodes or any secured way we agree on? Do it once, do it right. Lets get the real truth.

Elect a dog, into office. He shall handle presidential actions for 3-4 months. Probably needs water and biscuits as payment. And walking.
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4 mo
Maybe the question was misunderstood. With game devs when they spot duplicated accounts. They resolve the issue before updating the game new features by letting everyone vote again and resolve the volunerabilities. That's what mentioned re cast votes , vote again with a good system. If you have been following up with what is presented as evidence, it does not predict the winner of either. That is the truth. It says we don't know who actually won.
Don't you think that we should be more logical about how to resolve who won, see additional details?
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