Do you think half the country is white supremacists?

So I've basically been traumatized seeing how far people can go with their ideological beliefs, was talking to someone in a discord server and it basically amounted to "everyone who voted for Trump is a nazi and anybody who disagrees with me is wrong"

I might be paraphrasing but that's the jist of it, it got so bad that the owner of the server just straight closed the channel for political discussion and frankly I don't blame him

I've always been of the belief that calm, rational and objective fact based logic will always win out in the end and eventually cause someone to just take a step back and think.

Like for me despite how much Trump has fucked up almost half the country still voted for him, so there must be a reason for that. Instead we got people who literally just write off half the country as nazis, and don't even try to understand why they did it, perpetuating the problems that cause Trump to get elected in the first place.

The fact that someone can even get to that point is terrifying. So tell me do you know anybody who is that far gone?
Do you think half the country is white supremacists?
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