Should a man NEVER EVER hit a woman?

So, we have the shallow minded feminists who fight for equality, who want to be equal and treated as men, but at the same time have the "men shouldn't hit women" mindset, so they think they can abuse men however they want because it's what society deems as right.

If men shouldn't hit women, neither should women hit men, because men are physically stronger than women and that's a fact. I'm not trying to please men I'm just tired of the foolish double standards that people follow like blind sheep's.

Women are taking advantage of the "men can't hit women" rule, so they think it's okay to ASSAULT/ABUSE a man.
They say it's bad for a man to hit a woman yet the same people will be like "you go girl" when a woman hits a man.

And some of you people need to understand that there's something called self defense, no matter what gender we are all entitled to it. Don't hit someone and expect not to be hit back.
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Should a man NEVER EVER hit a woman?
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And don't get me wrong, I in no shape or form support men hitting women, but it's about time that these abusers are called out.
Should a man NEVER EVER hit a woman?
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