Do you think the whole Karen meme is becoming problematic?

I will acknowledge but of course there are some extremely entitled white women out there who love to cause a sense for no reason and think they can get away with it. But to say it's only white woman usually called Karen is kinda racist, sexist and just a full on stupid assumption. All the Karens i know actually happen to be lovely women.

In the video I've shared. You can see this boy is a total brat but no one called him out on it instead he harassed his neighbours and labeled the mum/wife Karen to his followers without them knowing the whole story. I will amit i saw one of this guys videos on a Karen in the wild video before he killed anyone and he did make it seem as if it was all this woman and not him.

I think it's teaching a lot of young people, especially young men but if a white middle age woman is upset or trying to make her point she's isn't be taken seriously and instead disrespected and labelled as a Karen. Im all for people putting these women in their place because obviously they were never when they were younger by their parents and that's why they think it's okay to have a paddy in public and get what they want out of it.

Its not just middle age women either. I was recently shopping in the supermarket and two young boys, i assume who were school friends bumped into each other and started to talk. They weren't doing anything wrong but a middle age man decided they were and started yelling at them and said they were the reason people were getting sick and dying of covid. These boys actually tired to carm the situation but they must have been around 12 to 14 years old up against a fully grown middle age man yelling at them.

Later on one of the mothers of the boys posted about it on my town's Facebook page about the whole thing and instead of people taking her side. She was made fun of and got comments like "shut up Karen"
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People seem to also forget a lot of these women in the viral videos that are shown could possibly be mentally ill and instead of helping them. We are laughing at them which in return won't make anything better. Imagine if your mum wasn't doing well mentally and then all a sudden you see she's a Internet laughing stock for having a melt down in public.
Do you think the whole Karen meme is becoming problematic?
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