How will 45's term of office end?

(I had to combine several of these because there is a limit of 7 options.)
How will 45s term of office end?
Respectfully: He will peacefully leave office as every other president before him has done.
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By PARDON: He will pardon himself & then leave in some fashion. (Or) He will resign & get president pence to pardon him.
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By REMOVAL: The republicons will use the 25th Amendment & remove him from office. (Or) He will be impeached in the House & removed from office by the Senate.
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As a COWARD: In his final hours he will flee the country to a nation from which he cannot be extradited, such as Russia. (Or) He will commit suicide.
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By SEDITION: He will incite another seditious, riotous Insurrection in yet another Coup attempt to overthrow the will of the people & seize power as any dictatorial demagogue would do.
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Other (Or) Some combination of the above. (Explain)
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I did not add that he will be arrested & tried for his crimes in any on several states, found guilty & imprisoned for the rest of his days because that will happen after he's out of office.
How will 45's term of office end?
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