Do hateful people turn you off?

Specifically I’m talking about those who just actively hate Donald Trump. I’ve never seen just vile hatred for towards one person so openly. I consistently see those on the far left wishing death upon him. They mock his appearance and his wife. They mock his children. They have been caught spreading lies.

In general, I avoid hateful people in my life. I think if you’re going on a tantrum about how ugly someone is, or his wife, then you’re just a distasteful person. If you’re going to spend hours a day on how stupid someone is. How much of a less than human being they are... then I don’t want to talk to you. Hatred is socially accepted these days. It’s just negative energy I try to stay away from.

On a real level, do you guys not possess empathy for a fellow human? I think most people in Trumps position would have killed themselves. I don’t agree with a lot of what he’s done, but my god we act as if he’s hitler. Hatred is just a really unattractive trait to me. What about you?
Do hateful people turn you off?
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