What do you think my sentence should be?

Yep. I am actually going away. And not just to jail but two prison. Debating whether to even make this post but it's about the same as being face-to-face with people. I just want to explain and ask what you guys think about the sentence. But first I have to talk about what happened
l made a blog with regular pics of girls that were not suggestive or illicit, they were probably 12 to 14 years old. They found maybe 20 pic pics of my phone that were just like this normal except they said that it was obvious they had been picked because their behinds were highlighted. I've talked about this before and it really sucks.

some of these pictures were put into a Blog. The blog had other pictures of adults that were sexualized and the pictures of the younger girls were in a storyboard and it was insinuating that they were getting spanked. There were comments about them in that kind of thing. Some guys really started liking it plus i made money. I know that sounds disgusting..

One pic from web i put on blog was local internet teen sensation. Her mom and her saw the blog. And then later they found out something that I done. I had went to an event where she was making an appearance. This is hard to talk about because my intentions. Nothing ever happened I confessed so that I would only be charged with child pronography distribution instead of a charge which would have been 2 degrees higher is a felony. Considering that just got out of jail for cyber stalking and sexual harassment harassment Communications, I needed to take the deal. Or I would have possibly one of my fur beastly 10 years. I don't want to say yet what my sentence was but it could it could be anywhere from 125 years and when you get 125 years as a pedophile hear you dude 80 * 85% you can count on it. You go to a a bad prison, the pedophile section. It's kind of important that you read the update before commenting or doing the pole I'm going to start it as soon as this post
No jail or no crime ( maybe home jail)
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One year county jail
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2 years prison
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3 years prison
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4 or 5 years prison
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Hanging in public
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1 y
I had went there with the intention of making contact with the girl but I never did. I don't want to talk about that any more detail. So by accepting the pornography charge I got to avoid with that would have been really bad. The girl and her mom were scared and having nightmares and SMS I just never intended that if you want to and I'll belittle me or whatever that's fine but just don't be classless about it
What do you think my sentence should be?
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