Do you have an avoidant attachment style?

Ill keep my distance...
I'll keep my distance...
I can relate to a lot of this video.
* Just wanting things to be happy. If it isn't happy, I void else it goes to anger.
* Avoiding conflict
* Being honest to your feelings.
* Attracted mom/dad - we attract wound didn't heal.I've grown some over the years and found some feeder roots... but not enough.

This gets into my theory of "F'd up". The theory goes like this. It's very easy to "F" something up. But Un-"Fing" it, is really really hard.

The only solutions I've heard are therapy and boundaries. Therapy to help find and repair the roots and feel a broader range of emotions. Boundaries, to protect oneself when one feels threatened.

Has anything worked for you?

Bonus Question: Do you think these types of psychological issues span cultures and nations? It seems human more than specific sub groups.
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Do you have an avoidant attachment style?
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