Democrats support Biden's policies with action?

Would you support Biden's policies with your actions, some suggestions below:
100 days to change the world.
100 days to change the world.
* Keystone Pipeline terminated: Action - back driving by 1 day a week to free up oil, or buy a 30% more fuel efficient car
- Do crowd funding for union workers now unemployed

* Immigration: Open a room/bed in your house/apt for illegal immigrants - people need places to stay. Open up a room in your house, most people have extra space and spare stuff they don't need... at least until they can find jobs. Warning, some may be good americans and some may be criminals, we don't know. Please note, immigrants from some muslim countries, previously concerned to have terrorist sympathizers, also need housing. Dont' discriminate and don't judge.

* Covid19: Wear an N95 mask to avoid spread of the English-covid strain. Can get online for $40-$100.

* Police: Join a local community policing organization. Warning, you could be killed by criminals.

* Jobs: Start a manufacturing company in the USA. Warning, your corporate taxes will go up, the minimum wage likely will be $15/hour. Make sure you have a good accountant or you could go down in flames fast. This is a great time to start a company though, $ is cheap.
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Democrats support Biden's policies with action?
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