Why are some people so shallow?

Well, this one guy that I used to go to school with back in middle school apparently found me on Facebook. He said I seemed familiar in a way, but he wasn't quite sure why. I recognized who he was right away and said that we were classmates at one point. He used to be one of the guys who made fun of my looks and called me ugly and fat and joined in on throwing things at me in the middle of class. Once I reminded him of who I was, he said that I made a major change and that if he knew I was going to turn out looking the way I do now back then, he would have been nicer to me. Reading what he said ticked me off so badly, that I wish I could have smacked him. I don't get why some people focus so much on physical appearance, something so transient... Someone's looks should not determine whether or not they deserve common respect. That's just stupid if you ask me. Sorry for the rant...
Why are some people so shallow?
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