Is it ethical to use violence to protect one self, one's property, and one's family from an attacker?

I will give a few scenarios

1. You're in your home, you hear a noise, and you see someone breaking your windows. This person has gasoline and the means to burn your he down. You have called the police, but they are busy right now, due to budget cuts caused by #defundthepolice. This person also has what appears to be a baseball bat and a knife. To prevent this person harming your family you get your shotgun, fire a warning shot and advise they leave or the next one would be through their head.

2. You're out with your wife and children, you're in the car, a person with a baseball bat shatters your window screaming to get out of your car. you're armed and own a concealed carry permit. You advise him of the fact but he won't leave. You pull your gun and fire, hitting him in the shoulder, you call the police.

3. You're a business owner. Been in the neighborhood 50 years, your father owned the business before you, and now you're the owner. There is commotion outside, it looks like someone is getting beaten in the street, this person appears to have done nothing wrong. You go outside and break the fight up, knocking the aggressor out.. And call the police

4. You're walking down a street, you hear someone, a woman, screaming God help me down an ally close to you. You approach quietly, call the police and quietly say what's happening, leaving the phone on because you aren't quite sure of the address. When you approach you find that a guy is trying to rape this woman. You surprise the attacker, and manage to get him off of her, but the attacker runs away.. You wait with the woman for the police.

None of these situations use unjustified violence in my opinion, but if you don't live in the United States you can go to jail for most of them.
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9 d
I can't believe there are those that would vote that its unethical to protect your self with violence if need be. Shows how far left we as a country have swung.
9 d
also please if you vote, comment explaining why your vote was what it was.
Is it ethical to use violence to protect one self, one's property, and one's family from an attacker?
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