Can money poison your mind?

So my boyfriend is starting this business with a guy who works for Facebook. Basically, my boyfriend had the initial idea but the other guy is programming for him, basically doing everything.

When my boyfriend discussed with me how he was planning to divide the cut, he said "he hated passing out cuts" because he was afraid that the other guy would get too much if the idea would become successful.

The other guy said his idea could become international and a billion dollar company, and money kind of blinked in my bfs eyes.

Anyways, he told me he didn't want the other guy to get too much of the money. I told him he can't be cheap on someone who makes his idea a reality, and that money isn't everything and even if the idea becomes successful, he would have more than enough regardless.

I'm just worried that he will become materialistic, selfish and a different person once he starts making money. It worries me that he wants to screw someone over just because he wants to make as much as he can by himself.

Any thoughts?
1 y
Thanks everyone so much for the answers. I understand also that I am super young and it kind of terrifies me knowing I can be put in a situation I have no control over. This thing might be good, or it may not. If it's good, I'm going to be very careful.
Can money poison your mind?
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