Has a video ever brought you to tears?

This is the only one I can think of that has, I'll fully admit that when I first saw this, I cried at the shrieks of the two officers and Johnson's lifeless body hit the ground and Zarkeshan get shot in the head while on the ground as he screamed for his life and the shooter (i won't ever say his name) couldn't give less of a fuck. It turns out, the shooter and Seargant Johnson (the officer who died), met before when he arrested the shooter 14 years prior for his first time being arrested and he was charged with possession of a controlled substance, threatening an officer, and spitting on Johnson during the arrest. From there started a long life of constant fuck ups and jail time for the shooter and this was his way of "getting back" at the officer who taught him that his actions have consequences and Officer Zarkeshan was collateral damage to him. Fortunately, Zarkeshan not only survived, but he's now on light duty as a police officer and has said that he's very happy and grateful for the support he's received throughout this recovery process (i know he was shot in the head and appeared to have been shot in the body at least once in the video, but I can't find the medical reports confirming anything other than the head shot). I issue a strong warning to anyone who wants to see the video, it takes a LOT for me to cry and this really made me weep, it's extremely disturbing, horrifying and sad, so watch at your own risk. Are there any videos that have brought you to tears?
Has a video ever brought you to tears?
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