Do you really need to post on social media when you do a charity donation?

I think it is not necessary I mean you go and do it but you dont need to make it public, to get attention or for everyone to think or say "ohh she is such a good person, etc.:" Do it discreetly plain and simple.

SOme say they do it to raise some awardness of the charity but do you think most of the time it happens that way or people just want to be more popular and they need validation so they post it on social media to feel important?

There is a lady I know who is a fitness trainer and works in a crossfit box, She enjoys posting on her IG account photos of the place she works, of her body or the trips she goes to loally or internationally. So today she post on her IG account that she was at a hospital donating blood and in two of those photos she quoted in one photo right from a hospital bed and the needle already inside the vein with the arm flat and and said: "because you have to help. And in another quote, it was a picture of her face and she quoted "Women can donate blood every 4 months" and the last photo no face or arm of her, just some of the items used for the blood donation when she was already finished and just wrote "Done".

Was that even necessary to post all of that? Jus staying. Was it neessary to post it on social media she donated blood!. Could not she do it in discretion and not really make it public or post it on social media for the entire people. I mean is good she did help I just meant the part of posting this on social, as she wnated to feel important to other people and get LIKES.
Do you really need to post on social media when you do a charity donation?
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