GAG community has trouble reading people?

I’ve been using GAG for about 3 years now. The account that I’m using now is fairly new but something that I’ve always found a little strange was how so many people on this site/app have trouble with reading people/behaviors.

A lot of people on here always ask questions along the lines of “what did this person mean by this?”, “This person is acting like this? What does that mean?”, “how should I feel about this?”, and “is this weird?”.

It’s made me question, can these people think for themselves, are they able to read people? Is this normal to have so many questions about understanding people? I understand that people can sometimes be complex but I feel a lot do these are fairly simple (maybe some of these people just want a second opinion?).

How do you feel about this? What are your thoughts on it?
GAG community has trouble reading people?
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