How would you rate your encounters with law enforcement?

All of mine have been good, I've never felt mistreated or the need to talk back to an officer (for those that do this, just stop, that never goes anywhere). I was put in the back of a cruiser once, this was when I had a car crash which was my fault and there was an error on my license plate, since the department was too busy with other means and he couldn't get backup, he had me sit in the back of his car while he searched (I consented to a search) and while he I'm guessing contacted his supervisor asking him what the best course of action was. We were able to fix the issue and he issued me a citation for failure to control my speed which led to the crash (the person I crashed into thankfully was okay, i was as well and we were able to fix both cars, the husband accepted my apology). I also consented to be patted down and completed a sobriety test where I did the heel to toe walk, following his finger with my eye, and saying the alphabet. I had another encounter when I failed to signal in the morning and it was very normal except he decided to disarm me when I told him my gun was not in a holster and I was using a belt clip instead (not forcefully, I simply tugged my shirt up so he could get it, I have my LTC, so I don't want to hear crybabies yelling "white privilege"). I had no problem with that, he placed my gun in the glove compartment and let me off with a warning. Another one was where I had broken tail lights on my way home from work during a horrible rain storm and he just ran my information and told me to turn on my hazards so people could see me driving (it was dark). All the officers I've encountered have been very nice, professional, and respectful. How have your encounters gone?
How would you rate your encounters with law enforcement?
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How would you rate your encounters with law enforcement?
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