Anyone still think these so-called “vaccines” are safe?

The Astra Zeneca “vaccine” has been banned in over 26 countries now due to the number of people experiencing blood clotting issues.. In North Carolina yesterday 18 people at a site distributing the J&J shot had 18 people react to the injection strongly. 14 were treated at the site while 4 were so bad they had to be sent to the hospital. In Colorado, 12 people reacted badly to the J&J shot so badly they closed the site. The actually stated afterward, “the reactions were expected.”... Then why close it down? And here in Cumming Georgia, 8 people reacted so badly today to the J&J that they stopped and closed the site and Georgia has put a hold on the brand.
These drugs are experimental folks. Are WE are being used as the guinea pigs. You can’t sue a manufacturer for taking an experimental drug. None have been approved by the FDA, just granted EUA status (emergency use authorization). Which is the status they give experimental drugs to use by people wiling to take the risk.
And al for a virus that now has a 99.6% survivability rate.
Anyone still think these so-called “vaccines” are safe?
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