How important is it to be feared?

Common courtesy, respect has been on the decline.

Watching media from the 90s is almost jaw dropping, it looks like happy days.

Of course even the 90s were nothing compared to the 60s, and so on.

One thing that changed sometime in the 1800s was the removal of the duel.

A man would challenge another man, usually for slander, to a duel where one person might be killed.

If both men missed their first shot. They could agree to take another shot or agree to a draw.

The point is that there was genuine fear and respect for the common man. The gun, the great equalizer, made even a scrawny guy to be feared on some level.

No one fears any one. I can't even imagine how low class society will get if men are forced to stay home past 6pm, even the women will lose their respect.
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If nobody fears you, dont comment with egotistical trash that supports your cureent pathetic status.
There were more gentlemen in the past. Why is that? Because choosing to be a gentlman relies on a basis of fear, otherwise you're just pathetically weak and gentle out of necessity.
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I've seen a 3 pound dog understand this principle of psychogly. Better than you humans do. Ask yourself who brainwashed you.
How important is it to be feared?
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