Do you support Student Loan forgiveness?

I believe people should take personal responsibility for their choices. If you agreed to pay the loan and you knew the risks, it is not the tax payers fault, nor should we have to bail you out.

I am also okay with student loans being allowed in bankruptcies so long as they give back their diploma, as bankruptcies you give back what you purchased, if possible.

To just write it off when so many people have struggled hard for years, lived in poverty while making payments or double payments to get out from under the debt is unfair to those who suffered and sacrificed for so long. It is also unfair to those that never had the chance to attend college, but potentially could if they got the 10k or 50k to use towards college.

The third option would address this to be the most fair... rather than catering to a specific class. I am all about trying to be fair to everyone.
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Give all citizens the 10k or 50k that they decide on, auto apply it to those with student loans first.
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21 d
I asked this question because In the last year my daughter has put herself through mental and physical agony to make double and triple payments on her student loans with the interest being set at zero.

Others her age are not making payments, just sitting around enjoying life expecting all or part of them to be forgiven.

She has taken on two full time jobs, working herself to death. She will be 100% paid off before the end of the year.
21 d
What do you think would happen to her mental well being if she put herself through hell to take advantage of the situation and then later on they get wiped for the lazy thieves who aren't even making payments? Others could do the same thing and simply refuse to, should she be penalized for doing the right thing?
Do you support Student Loan forgiveness?
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