Do you believe that lets say "healthy" people are in disadvantage of being vaccinated?

I mean probably Im seeing this situation in some perspective and what is happening particularly in my country but possible is not how it works in your countries, but in my country it is happening.

The case where I live goes like this. 1. Our vaccination process is going very very slow even for the ones who are being vaccinated and not everyone in my country will be vaccinated cause the Government hope to vaccinate by the public system which means for free at least 80% of the population (we are 6 million citizens). 2. In our country the Government developed 5 vaccination groups, in which most of the people include in all 5 groups goes from health workers working for the public health system only the private ones are not included even if they are also at risk), police force nursing homes patients, nursing home staff, elderly people, firefighters, people over 58 regardless if they have or not have any health conditions, people from 18 to 58 with risk factors, teachers and people who work for the Public Education system, foster care workers, jail prisoners and jai staff, 911 employees, students who are studying subjects related to health.

People from 40-57 with no risk factors but who work directly with clients and customer service but in the fields of beauty saloons, restaurants, hotels, tourism, agriculture, construction workers, house maids among others. More or less those are the people included in our country 5 vaccination groups. If a person do not belong to any of those groups simply they can't be vaccinated by our government for free.

The people excluded have to wait until the vaccine arrives for the private sector, or until all 5 groups are fully vaccinated, and if there are remianing vaccines availaible maybe just maybe the remaining ones, will be for the ones who were excluded first but in order for that to happen, the person has to be registered in the public health system and insured by the public
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system if the person is not insured by the government they can't be vaccinated either even if there are vaccines available, even if you are healthy or not healthy or you will have to wait until the vaccine arrives to the private sector and here any person can be vaccinated by the private sector whether you you have public insurance or not insurance at all and taht could take a looooog time to happen, maybe until next year but to arrive to the private sector obiously we will have to pay for the
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vaccine in the private sector. This is the way the vaccination process is working in my country.

So back to my original post, I believe being healthy now is a disadvantage beacuse lets say people who are a bit healthy are not taken into account for the vaccine even if any person can catch the virus whether you are healthy or not. But I guess a healthy person can handle maybe more beign sick than other people. Is the reason why now "lets say" healthy people in my country are travelling to the US
Do you believe that lets say "healthy" people are in disadvantage of being vaccinated?
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