Do you have any prejudices?

do you secretly dislike any groups?
i try to love every group.
but then i don't like hot women. I'm no incel at all but 99% of most hot women tend to be bossy, boisterous, lacking empathy, and want to dominate every interaction. most of them tend not to have any real boundaries and overall are pretty scummy people.
i also don't like arabs, since they are often pretty closed-minded and dark as people. they have no warmth or empathy as people.
i know these are bad to say but then modern morals say not to have prejudices, but we do still have them. i don't go out of my way to hurt anybody though. there's an Arab neighbourhood in my city, and i just curse on in my head when i walk past their shops on the way to work. or if a man bumps into me in accident in a public place, or an ugly woman, i just let it go, but a hottie woman i berate her even she wasn't at fault.
Do you have any prejudices?
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