Should Native Americans get reparations for their treatment by our Government?

The American Indians have been given the Bogo since the 1800's and earlier. The American Government had broken every treaty they ever made with the Native Americans, stole their land, and forced them into Reservations that rivaled prison camps. Smallpox infected blankets and rancid meat were given to them. Their children were forcibly taken and put in "boarding schools" to indoctrinate them into Society and take away their culture. The children were treated like animals and girls routinely raped. If they got pregnant they were given crude abortions and were sterilized. Many girls died from these crude abortions. One of these "boarding schools" that had closed had over 600 bodies buried in a pit. The children were forced to learn English and not permitted to speak their native language or follow their traditions. Even today the girls on reservations are subject to abusive treatment and rape. They don't report them usually because they have found that they can not find justice as local law enforcement have no authority on reservation land, only Tribal Police who are usually not above taking payola to ignore any claims. Alcohol and drug abuse are common on reservations. So do you think Native Americans should get reparations similar to what Black Americans are seeking?
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Tough luck but they don't deserve any reparations.
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CALGARY, Alberta — The remains of 761 people, mainly Indigenous children, were discovered at the site of a former school in the province of Saskatchewan, a Canadian Indigenous group said Thursday, jolting a nation grappling with generations of widespread and systematic abuse of Indigenous people.

The discovery, the largest one to date, came weeks after the remains of 215 children were found in unmarked graves on the grounds of another former boarding school in British Columbia.
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I'm letting GaG call MHO on this one. I have no idea who to choose as there were so many good points/opinions.
Should Native Americans get reparations for their treatment by our Government?
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