When she says that she is going to miss me?

We got really close this past two months. We flirt/tease each other(touching her a**, she dance with me, kiss each other on cheeks). So she left for annual training for the army and is not going to come back in two weeks. She wrote on my Facebook page saying that she is going to miss me. Does this mean that she is interested in me?
Does it mean that she cares about me? I want to ask her out on a date when she settle back in.


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  • Hell yes she is going to miss you heck she is thinking about you right now unless she working hard on what she's doing lol!

    Also she cares about heck if I ever write on a guys Facebook all and say I'm going to miss you or a hey or something I'm interested cause why else would you say that! come on!

    You got just be chill and wait for her to come back! And do your thing!

    good lucky


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  • yes she is interested in you. she wouldn't take the time to write you on fb if she wasn't interested. be would just be like oh don't worry he will be there when I get back. but no this means she likes you. go ahead and ask her on a date.

  • Very possible that she is interested in seeing where this will go. Sounds like you had a good time together and she even admitted that she will miss you. I think she cares about you. So I say go for it and ask her on a date when she returns.


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