Why does life just feel exhausting anymore?

Almost everything about it. I’m tired of people, the place I live, even my long time friends. I’m single, so you try dating apps and nobody even seems attractive anymore, even the odd pretty girl, going out is made to feel like a hassle now due to the pandemic, which I recently just said f**k it, I don’t care anymore. I can’t comfortably afford a house, busting my tail, and they can’t pay me more, while they just give money to all the unemployed for nothing. Saturdays are just days where I want to lay around and sleep. Simply put, life just feels exhausting. Simply existing.

The people running the show sure have demoralized people. Congratulations. Job well done. I just want a good life you know? Apparently that’s a lot to ask for.
Why does life just feel exhausting anymore?
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