Are you experiencing food shortages where you live?

I ask because since all the extra money that the government is giving parents for their kids, Walmart looks empty of meat especially in the snack aisle. I’m not judging at all but the money was for the working people if I’m not mistaken. People at the DHS office were speaking about how it’s sad that people who are not working or looking for a job at all is constantly living off the tax credit instead of opting out of it. There was hardly any water left to buy in Walmart. The manager has expressed frustration of trying to keep the meat aisle replenished but unable to. The store had to limit the number of chicken packages customers can buy. There were hardly any meat left at all. we had to drive to another store to pick up what we need and found they were fully stocked. Neck bones and everything was gone. One woman walked out of the store with 3 baskets filled with groceries.
Are you experiencing food shortages where you live?
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