Do you consider yourself a feminist, explain why you do or don't?

I don't consider myself a feminist. Living in the US in 2021 there's pretty much no need for gynocentric gender "equality". There is a need for it in eastern countries but let's be real, feminists in western civilization do absolutely nothing for them, except use their struggle as an excuse for their existence in the west. At one point in the US feminism could be regarded as a movement for gender equality. Feminism hasn't changed much (except for focusing on more trivial subjects these days), it has always been gynocentric and still is (hence the name) the issue is you cannot call that equality in western society anymore. I noticed not all, but most feminists (male and female) tend to be either misandrists, female chauvinists, or both. The same can be said about MGTOW and MRM being misogynists. Deep down they both follow that line of thought, whether they admit it or not (I once identified with those men's movements until I looked deeper into their history and saw what they were actually about), but I digress, most feminists are completely ignorant towards men's issues, a lot of them know about them and choose to diminish them. For example 70% of homeless people are men, but homeless women are allotted more resources showing how society values women more than men, yet the feminist movement does nothing to help that. Between 1 in 10 to 1 in 14 men are raped (61% of the time the perpetrator is a woman) according to the CDC if you include made to penetrate (and I don't know why some people choose to exclude that to begin with) yet most feminists will quote erroneous numbers like 1 in 71 (a number created by feminist Mary Koss while working with the CDC who has openly displayed intolerance toward male victims), either ignorantly because they don't care to know the truth, or maliciously because they don't want others to either. So for that reason, I simply cannot identify as a feminist. I believe true equality is equal advocation when the situation calls for it
Do you consider yourself a feminist, explain why you do or don't?
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