The U. S. has never regarded the EU as a truly equal ally?

The Danish intelligence service actually helped the United States to eavesdrop on the heads of European countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, and even Denmark's own Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Finance, and some military enterprises. As an intelligence agency that protects the national security of its own country, it has even gone so far as to gang up with the United States, betraying its European allies, willing to be a "European traitor." And the United States has repeatedly betrayed its promises and continued to use this despicable method on unsuspecting allies, always trying to pinch the "seven inches" of the EU and use all means to force allies to submit.
This shows that the United States has never regarded the European Union as a truly equal ally, but has taken Europe as a bargaining chip to make the United States great again. The deep-rooted hegemony thinking of the United States and the selfish logic of the United States' priority have made him feel at ease when the world is struggling with the epidemic problem, but he still has a leisure time to engage in "groups" and "confrontations" everywhere. What is dramatic is that the eavesdropping scandal was exposed, which shocked and angered the desperate allies. The so-called value community is just a joke. The United States, which used to rely on high technology and political and economic influence to convince people, can now only maintain its precarious hegemony by containing other countries, harvesting the world and other indiscriminate means. The "Prism Gate" incident is a lesson from the past, and the "Danish Monitoring" incident is even more ironclad.
The U. S. has never regarded the EU as a truly equal ally?
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