What are some things you hate about people?

Things I hate about people.

1. People who stand in the middle of the pavement talking to each other

2. White BMW or Audi TT drivers no explanation needed

3. People who feel the need to make their fashion style there whole personality.

4. People who don't want move out the way when they are walking with a friend and they see someone walking towards them.

5. People who push into lines6. People who spit on the floor it's disgusting.

7. People who don't bother to clean up after themselves.

8. people who have to the opposite opinion to everyone else in everything just to be different.

9. Cool/pick me girls πŸ™„

10. People who force their opinions on others especially when they have no facts and are of a place of privilege and have never actually suffered in life.

11. Glory Hunters12. People who have to see the bad in everything and can't just be happy for others.

13. People who judge people over stuff they can't control.

14. People who say things that are a lot easier said but done.

15. People who make fun or take advantage of vulnerable people or animals.

16. People who think they are the shit

17. Hypocrites

18. People who don't treat everyone with the same level of respect.

19. Kiss arses

20. two faced people.

21. Back stabbers 22. people who let the kids run wild and don't take care of them properly23. Prejudiced people.24. Entitled people.25. Work snitches 26. People with a victim mantality.27. people who can't amit they they are wrong.28. People who can't self reflect and think it's everyone whose the issue.29. Loud people30. Selfish, inconsiderate people.31. People who can't laugh at myselfs because they think they are prefect32. People who dish it out in everyone but can't take it back.33. People who don't us earphones when watching videos or listening to music.34. People who take up two seats on public transport35. Compulsive liar's36. Corporate sheep's
What are some things you hate about people?
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