What do you think of toxic masculinity/femininity?

At first I thought this was more due to how people grew up and social media as a whole, which so far I still believe. So many people keep saying the government is a patriarchal type. However I don't quite understand what people who say this are stating. I mean yea if we were to go back in time before lets say around 1950s i think, yea it would be patriarchal. However after that it seems that a spike in women looking, applying and working jobs even more so after WW2,( Yes I understand the thing going on with WW2 and how their weren't any men left to help). Now after that why would you think that this was a patriarchal government if they kept letting you work. I mean either A they cared enough about your existence to let you work, B they figured out that hey we can make more money off of these people, C this isn't a patriarchal society at all because so many women are working. Now I don't know about you but if what people have told me about toxic masculinity is true than these men don't give a shit about you at all and a lot of women think that a lot of men in politics even today have these traits which doesn't make any sense. Of course abortion is a touchy topic, on one hand yea your right its your body and on the other a hospital is considered a government/state property so yea they are allowed to do as they please with those properties. Now fellas the traits of toxic femininity seem to stem from past experiences and more so lack of sex than anything else. At least that's what I see/hear. It also seems that you may have had a bad batch of women who were really awful people and it seems that you group other women into it. Ladies you are also guilty of this. So now I wanna know what is positive masculinity/femininity? Because I don't know what that is.
What do you think of toxic masculinity/femininity?
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