Am I being gang stalked and why?

I turned down this really popular guy (the leader) I guess that shattered his ego. I used to use this site all the time. Many people will do questionable things in real life and I'd run to this site to ask why. I was just trying to understand.

Then close friends would ask me personal questions I've asked on GAG in real life. They would write on gag everything I did, do, say, wore. All if my accounts were hacked, ratings, and or socials.. They would stalk me online and in real life. Giving me dirty looks. When I've done nothing to anyone I dont think. Making a mockery of me.. thinking they were actually my friends.
I then blew up because I was upset... making the leader wife grieve...

Then one day I was bombarded with everyone joining in to get me crazy and koo koo. They all wore a colored shirt. Back then I thought it meant they were in a gang and mocking me, following me trying to scare me or beat me up.

Turns out that same color shirt is the same flag color for mental health awareness month. But why? Why torment me.
Am I being gang stalked and why?
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