A question for the Chinese - what next?


I need someone Chinese to help me get some stuff strait,

The background - the world loves to blame China. When it comes to Mongol conquests, I join in - that should not be repeated. Also, let's say, the Chinese can get a bit too bossy when in charge.

That being said, on a national level, no country since the second world war has done anything remotely as smart as China with its one child policy, and reforestration as someone pointed out here on GaG.

So, I want to ask you this - since the Western model of development is defunct/can no longer be copied - what do we do next?
(The problematic part of it is the endless construction of buildings which leads to Indian/Hindu overpopulation - based on building so many apartments with fewer and fewer westerners, Russians and the Chinese - they conclude that surely they are in charge and being pampered, it is their right to take - and sell opium to be able to buy those apartments - since they are largely incapable of doing anything else, save for cleaning the streets; they simply lack the mental capacity for anything beyond the simplest of tasks in terms of human capability (compared to birds they are, of course, much smarter)

Note that I am talking about the mainstream, not the outliers - of course there are a few smart Indians and a few super dumb Chinese/Europeans etc.
A question for the Chinese - what next?
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