Should we have a king?

"What are factors that may help leaders mitigate the Iron Law of Oligarchy and Bureuritic Incompetentce?"

Unfortunately... 🤷🏼‍♂️

But there have been many attempts over the years. Written constitutions, term limits, FOIA, Checks and Balances, limiting campaign finance, limiting lobbying, educational or experience requirements, fair and unbiased performance evaluations...

None of those have really worked though.

The only "factor" that seem to midigate those things throughout history with any consistency is violent revolution. What I call "Getting Gadafied" which is a reference to the people tracking down and stabbing their dictator to death with dozens of small pocket knives.

Personally, I think prevention is key. Midigation tends to fail or be undermined over time, and revolution generally only takes place after massive amounts of suffering and abuse.

It would be different if the average person was perceptive, active and dedicated enough to speak up and respond to initial misuse or wrongful gain of power before it was too late but. . . Unfortunately the vast majority of humans throughout history have only responded to things that directly and negatively effect their own lives, and the powerful have become wise to that. They attack certain groups through proxies while throwing candy at others to sedate them.

I think the only true solution is a Direct Democracy run on a local level with little to no mass centralized power at all. But, that isn't really the answer to the question of what can help leaders mitigate corruption. It's an alternative suguestion being that... it's a lost cause, and we should do away with leaders altogether.

I say, we "mitigate" the Iron law of Oligarchy and Bururicratic Incompetentnce with dozens of small pocket knives, and then form a new Autonomous Collective, in the form of an Anarcho-Syndicalist Commune where Supreme Executive Power derives from a Mandate by the Masses, not from some Farcical Political Ceremony.
Should we have a king?
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Should we have a king?
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