Why do we have mental blocks?

People are funny sometimes. Just thinking (random thought), most people are "disgusted" at the thought of someone not washing their hands say after they go to the bathroom. Let's look at that for a second, especially for guys, say he's just going pee, unless some happens to get on his hands, most of the time NONE does at all (at least for me), so what's "disgusting"? That implies that his penis is "disgusting" then, and assuming he showered that day, why is that? People react to that thought like the person has stuck their hand in the toilet bowl LOL. Ok, now with that in mind, oral sex is no problem though and not disgusting at all! There's no logic there is there? lol One would think when you think about it, that would be even MORE "disgusting" right? Granted some do think it's disgusting also, but not many in comparison. There's lots of other examples of this, this is just one, but it's funny how people are sometimes lol.
Why do we have mental blocks?
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